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Annualised returns
Arithmetic excess return
Attribution analysis
Basis point               
Capital Asset Pricing Model [CAPM]
Chartered Financial Analyst [CFA]
CFA Institute
Country Version GIPS (CVG)
Dietz, Peter
Duration Macaulay
Effective Convexity
Effective Duration
Geometric relative returns
GIPS Executive Committee (EC)
Global Investment Performance Standards [GIPS]
Hedge ratio              
Information ratio
Internal rate of return [IRR]
Investment Performance Council [IPC]
Jensen's Alpha

Macaulay duration
Modified duration
Money-weighted returns [MWR]
Percentile ranks
Price index

Regression equation

Sharpe Ratio (Sharpe, William)
Sharpe, William
Standard Deviation
Time Weighted Returns
Total Return
Tracking Error
Treynor Ratio (Treynor, Jack)

Excel guides
Rates of Return
Excess Returns
Ex Post Risk measures
Simple Attribution
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