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Issue 40

Click here for information on the leading provider of sophisticated solutions for performance and attribution, GIPS composites management, multi-asset risk analysis, portfolio construction and reporting

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Client Reporting
Best practices in composite management:  A guide to firms new to GIPS composites - download the guide
Please read a report Asset Management Trend Report Survey'’ published by Confluence

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New Appointed Members of the GIPS Executive Committee & Technical Committee

The GIPS Nominations Committee completed its review of the applications submitted through the recruitment process for the two open positions on the GIPS Executive Committee and the two positions for GIPS Technical Committee

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Held every 18 months, Engage is the conference that investment management professionals don’t want to miss. At Engage 2016, you can look forward to:

- Learning from thought leaders and industry experts about the newest ways your organization can keep pace with today’s dynamic, demanding investment environment

- Exploring the Innovation Center and discovering third-party vendors with solutions that complement Eagle to meet your business needs

- Meeting, mingling, networking and sharing ideas and insights with your peers from around the world
A reminder about Eagle Engage  2016  - November 13-16 2016, Orlando Florida

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Save the Date: 28th - 30th November, Sydney. Australia

Investment Performance Measurement, Attribution & Risk Management 2016 Forum

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