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The page to help you with membership applications, all those questions that you need to ask, feedback you would like to give or to contact an i-P-A Partner . This page should also be used if you would like to talk about being a sponsor / affiliate.
To become a member and be added to our membership database, please simply email with the following information:

- your name
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- your business title

We will do the rest and provide your username and password for membership and our exclusive downloads!

Please note that by providing your details you will need to read and accept the following:

Privacy policy statement is committed to fair information practices that are designed to protect your privacy. We take our privacy obligations seriously and will use personal information collected from you responsibly and in accordance with the guidelines outlined. is an independent forum dedicated the investment performance and portfolio risk analysis area within the asset management industry. We welcome visitors to our site however are also dedicated to providing a quality service to our members. In order to provide this we collect personal information when you join, including your name, address, email address, company name and phone number. does not take part in un-solicited cold call phone initiatives.  Information gathered allows to service Users’ needs better.

No personal information is gathered via cookies. Note that most web browsers are set by default to accept cookies. They are small, innocuous text files that websites use to remember certain information, or preferences, that you provide. This information is saved on "your" computer's hard drive as a unique id that identifies your browser (not you) when you visit a site that uses cookies. A cookie file can contain information that is useful to site operators for a variety of reasons that serve both the customer and visitor. It may store items like your User ID or other personal information that you supply. A cookie can not read data on your hard disk or read information in cookie files created by other sites. Cookies can be turned off in your browser, but doing so may limit your ability to participate in certain activities provided by a site.

It is the general policy of the author(s) of this website to recognize and protect the privacy of its Users.

This website does not capture or collect personal information about readers or Users unless information is provided voluntarily (for example, when submitting information on “membership” or via “QA Contacts”. The personal information collected is treated as 'confidential & personal' and is not freely distributed to any other parties.

It is possible at any time to unsubscribe from the newsletter and guestbook entries will be deleted upon request, via QA Contacts. I-P-A will send a confirmation to the Users e-mail account, within 5 working days, when notice to unsubscribe is received.
All personal information is kept securely.
All i-P-A Members will automatically
For any questions, to provide feedback or to contact an i-P-A Partner, please simply email
Terms & conditions + privacy policy statements